About Us

In 2011, the Dance to Live Foundation was created to combat teen depression. Our vision is to reduce suicide & depression for under-served adolescents in the Greater Worcester area. Our mission is to provide access to expressive therapies so that these individuals can lead full and productive lives, while forming positive support networks within their communities. 

Ary's Story

Our founder, Arianys DeJesus, was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety at seven years old. After years of struggling with therapy 7 medication, her physician encouraged her to explore an activity that might provide a sense of comfort and positive energy. To Ary, that activity, was dancing. Almost immediately, Ary’s mother & physician noticed a change in her behavior. She became passionate & competitive again. And by age ten, Ari was competing and performing in dance recitals nearly every month. Her mother best describes this time as Ary, “coming out of the darkness. Ary’s success has become the driving force behind our foundation’s goal of helping others to overcome their own battle with depression & anxiety.